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Grace Lutheran Church—Amazing Grace

Experience God's Amazing Gifts

We are blessed with God’s grace and abundant gifts. As people of faith we express our gratitude for God’s loving care and respond by sharing our time, talent and treasure.


New for 2022...Click Below for access to a Secure Website (Faithlife) to accept your 2022 Donations...Donate to Grace with Credit Card, Debit Card, Direct Bank Debit (ACH) etc.  Set-up a Recurring donation, making your giving easy.  You can even set-up your account via a text to your cellphone.

Watch the videos below to learn more

Step One -- Create an Account --  Watch this Video to Create you Account

Step Two -- Giving Page -- Make your Annual Giving Easy…(Weekly or Monthly frequency available)

Interested in Giving via Text -- Watch this Video to learn more



Volunteering your time is a meaningful way to contribute to God’s plan to bless the world, no matter where or how. When we contribute our time to Grace’s ministry we are able to carry out our mission through worship, education, support, service and invitation.


Each of us has received gifts from God in the form of passions, spiritual gifts, and practical skills. Everything done in the name of God, no matter how mundane or ordinary, is a way to serve God.



  • Regular offering: Provides financial support for our congregation’s ministries to carry out Christ’s mission for the church.
  • Special Requests/Capital Improvements: At times, we may identify a greater need or project that warrants challenging the congregation to give above our regular offering.


  • Memorials: Opportunity for family and friends to give gifts in memory of a deceased loved one. Memorials will be coordinated with the needs of the congregation
  • Estate Planning: Consider including Grace and its ministries in your will as a legacy


  • Endowment Fund: Principal is invested and never spent so that your gift continues to work perpetually. Income generated by the Endowment Fund is distributed yearly to support Grace’s Capital Improvements and Mission in our Church, Community, and World.

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